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We love photo booths! It’s just a fact: photo booths make any party better. Guests love to dress up, pose and play. Remember running into the five-and-ten with your best friend and squishing into the booth only to fight over that strip of photos? It’s no different as adults. We still love photo booths!


We have no prejudice when it comes to photo booths. We’ve used many kinds at weddings and parties, and they’re all good. We like the classic ones that make us a feel a bit nostalgic. We like modern ones with swank velvet curtains in our choice of color. And we are crazy about the digital un-booth ones, out in the open with a simple (or not-so-simple) backdrop.

Today we’re featuring a vendor we adore: Jerome Jakubiec of Photomatonchic. Part of what we dig about Photomatonchic is Jerome himself: he’s French, handsome, charming, professional and utterly kind. Because he loves his work, Jerome brings a sense of ease to the setup, and guests have a swell time.

Jerome Jakubiec

The other thing we love – a lot – are the stop motion films which clients receive after the event. They are like electronic flip books (with music) and really bring the photos to life. You’ve got to check them out – you won’t stop laughing, I promise!

We will be writing about our favorite vendors on this blog. A note on that subject: just because we feature one doesn’t mean we don’t cherish the others dearly. We hope to invite them all.

Jill Gordon: Tell us a little about yourself – where you grew up, what you’ve done until now, etc.
Jerome Jakubiec: I grew up in the south of France, in Provence, not far from Avignon. I originally went to law school in France but I quickly realized that I wasn’t particularly talented for that. I’m passionate about photography. This is how I live my life, I take pictures every day – with my iPhone, my cameras… I’m a bit obsessive that way, I suppose.

JG: You always seem to be really enjoying your work. What makes this business fun for you?
JJ: I love the high pace, interacting with people who are there to party, the instant gratification of seeing guests walk away with some awesome pictures… My clients are (almost) always in the best mood!

JG: What do your clients “take home” at the end of the day?
JJ: They take home some beautiful 4 by 6 prints (or their guests take them home), plenty of fun memories and the assurance that their guests had an amazing experience. 24 hours after the party ends, they can log in to my website and browse their photos. And last but not least, about a week later, I upload a little stop motion film made with the frames from the party and a soundtrack of their choice.

JG: That’s my favorite part of what you offer. How did you start doing these little films, which are so fricking FUN?
JJ: This is something I’m very proud of and that I started offering about two years ago. Those little films are very artsy and look amazing. They are perfect for Facebook and blogs, and the feedback I’m getting from my clients is amazing. It’s become a very important aspect of the service I offer and I don’t think anybody else is offering anything quite like it.

JG: As you know, I’m not wild about being photographed. You see a lot of people being photographed. Do you have any tips for posing, getting a great shot?
JJ: Ha! Good question. You know, it’s all about momentum and energy I think. It’s a give and take moment. Once the first guests set the tone, it all becomes instinctive and I make sure to give a few ideas or some directions when that’s needed. I’m mostly blown away but people’s spontaneity. A couple of cocktails never hurt either.

JG: That’s for sure. What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on the job?
JJ: Someone from the cast of Saturday Night Live was a guest at a wedding I shot. I can’t name him. He had one too many drinks and started art directing the photos. That was very fun.

JG: I bet that was hilarious. You know that I’m a big fan of having props on-hand for photo shoots. I think it really helps people relax. What do you think works well?
JJ: I think confetti looks beautiful. Picture frames are nice. Boards to write messages to the couple are neat. Massive wigs are my personal favorite (and you know what I’m talking about!).

JG: Where do you prefer to be set up at an event? We’ve done some many different setups – sometimes at the cocktail hour, other times in the dinner or dancing tent. Do you have a preference?
JJ: The best spot is in the heart of it all – next to the dance floor, not too far from the bar can be nice. I see it as a visual treat for everybody, you can’t go wrong with a treat.

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Photomatonchic Jill Gordon Wedding

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