Casual Beauty In Amagansett

Lily & Clayton

What does a wedding look like for a bride who loves the colors of “under ripe bananas?”  This fun-loving couple knew that they wanted to spend as much time as possible with their guests on their wedding weekend.  Our groom Clayton was all about fun activities, hence the Second Line Brass band parade from the ceremony at his family home to the reception property down the road.  Lily, our most beautiful bride, is a career foodie who was excited to end the night with a Vietnamese street food fair. And in between:  a delicious dinner, some gorgeous banana-colored flowers and much dancing merriment in a tent under the Hampton stars.


“We cannot thank you guys enough for what will certainly go down as the best weekend of our lives. You took all of our idiosyncrasies and hair-brained schemes and ran with them. You were patient with our indecision and last-minute decision making. Perhaps most impressive of all you were able to read our minds and anticipate all that we had been, and not been, doing in the background. To put the cherry on top, your day of demeanor and handling of logistics on the fly was perfect. We were surprised at every turn with how well things were handled. We could not be happier and owe a lot of the success of the weekend to you guys. Thank you thank you thank you!


Vendor Credits
Wedding Planning & Design | Jill Gordon Celebrate
Photographer | Elizabeth Lloyd
Venue | Private Home