Hamptons Water Company vapor distilled water with electrolytes

You’re hot and thirsty.  Maybe you’ve just completed a 6-mile run on East Hampton’s back roads.  Or perhaps you’ve spent 4 hours fighting traffic on the LIE to get here.  If you’re lucky, it’s Sunday morning and you’re feeling slightly hungover from the wild Saturday night you’ve had dancing and partying at a jill gordon celebrate event.  Whichever the case, you are THIRSTY.  It’s time to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Hamptons Water Company is going to quench your needs.  We are excited to welcome this new (soon to be huge, we predict) company to our shores.  Because jill gordon celebrate believes in keeping it local, Hamptons Water will be found at our parties this season and in the gift bags bestowed on wedding guests upon their arrival in the Hamptons.

This natural spring water is vapor distilled and then – brilliantly – bolstered with electrolytes to bring your body back into the balance it deserves.  It’s clean and fresh, and we’re drinking it by the gallon.

Hamptons Water Company is donating a portion of each sale to local charities.  Proceeds from the first sales will be going to the Max Cure Foundation which is helping fight pediatric cancer.

Max Cure Foundation for pediatric cancer


If all that weren’t enough reason to buy this product, each bottle features a bar code on its label which – once scanned with your phone or other device – takes you to  their “What’s Happening in the Hamptons” website.   We predict lots of folks will be sitting on the Hampton Jitney perusing this fun-filled site  (the Jitney will be serving Hamptons Water from Memorial Day thru Labor Day on all of their rides!).

Hamptons Water Company "What's Happening in the Hamptons"

To sample some of this refreshing goodness, come to one of our events or pick  up a bottle at one of these locations already found on this blog:  Mary’s Marvelous, Round Swamp Farm or Hampton Seafood Co.,  Also found at these great places:  Montauk Bake Shoppe, Botwick’s Chowder House, Indian Wells Tavern, D’Canela, Stuarts Seafood, Main Beach Surf & Sport and White’s Pharmacy.  Soon to be seen everywhere!