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Fact is, we have the best clients. It is always a treat for us to collaborate with a couple and their families to create the wedding weekend of their dreams. Each couple is unique and special to us—planning their wedding becomes personal to our team, as though it were our own. That is a feeling we relish, and our clients appreciate, often forging a relationship beyond the big day. That being said, we are thrilled to begin our Real Wedding Spotlights. Our first feature is the wedding of Sarah and Evan. As a designer, Sarah had great ideas and fabulous taste – always a fun collaboration. These two were relaxed, open minded and a great match, as is reflected by their cool-vibe beach wedding. Martha Stewart agrees, you can see more of this picture perfect day on her site here! We absolutely love this pair and their fabulous families!

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Sarah & Evan

How and when did you meet?

We met through a mutual friend while Evan was temporarily living in NYC getting his JD/MBA. She insisted that we’d be the perfect match, but I kept turning down her efforts to set us up after a string of bad blind dates. Finally she showed up at my apartment one day with Evan in tow (no warning!) and the rest is history.

When is your anniversary

June 1st

Tell us your proposal story…

We were living in Miami Beach and my brother had come down to visit. We all went to our favorite hotel, The Standard, for lunch. While we were walking through the garden on the way to the table my brother stepped away to make a phone call and Evan proposed. Both of our families were waiting for us and we spent the weekend at the hotel. Evan also arranged a fun boat ride from the hotel to dinner downtown. It was a total surprise!

Where did you have your wedding?

Bridgehampton Surf & Tennis Club

Who designed your dress and accessories?

Monique Lhullier gown & antique diamond earrings (a family heirloom)

Who designed your tuxedo/suit?


Why did you choose to have a Hamptons wedding?

We got married at the Bridgehampton Surf & Tennis club down the street from my parents’ house. We knew we wanted an East End wedding because we look forward to summer out there all year long, and it is definitely the most meaningful place for us and both of our families (Evan’s parents also had a home on Shelter Island for many years). In fact, we only looked at one venue. It was the perfect location. We were able to relax and spend the day getting ready at the house. We got married on the sand (a lot of us went barefoot!), and the clubhouse was basically a blank slate for the florist to transform.

What made you choose to work with Jill Gordon Celebrate?

We chose to work with Jill because the minute we met her we knew she was the right fit. She exudes a laid back bohemian spirit and in a sense, that’s how we wanted our wedding to feel too! We never felt stressed throughout the planning process, as so many people do, and we attribute that to Jill’s organization and experience.

What was your favorite part of the planning process? What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

I’m a very visual person so my favorite part was visiting our florist Saipua at her studio in Red Hook to look at flowers. But Evan’s was the food tasting and picking the band. We both agree that our favorite part of the day was at the end of the night when our band played Shout. It seemed like every single person we know was on the dance floor. Having s’mores on the beach in front of our house with everyone late night was pretty great too…

Please tell us vendors you loved, and why they were standouts?

Happy Menocal was one of my favorites. She’s a true artist – she’s quirky and has amazingly unique style. She ended up doing not only our invitation suite, but also the menus, signage, our ketubah, thank you cards, and even painted roman numerals on found driftwood for our table numbers! I knew whatever she did would be perfect and different from anything else I’d seen – that was important to me.

Are there any words of wisdom you have for couples going through the planning process?

Planning a wedding is supposed to be fun – make sure you have some! Working with Jill made that easy.

And working with Sarah and Evan made things easy for us too! A huge thanks for participating, and for the kind words. Keep an eye out for more real wedding features on our blog!

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Stunning images from famed photographer Max Wanger. His work is breathtaking and unforgettable.

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Gorgeous table of cakes from Mali B Sweets. It was something out of a fairy tale, and each cake was a different flavor.

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Wedding Planner: Jill Gordon Celebrate

Venue: Bridgehampton Tennis and Surf Club

Photographer: Max Wanger

Flowers: Saipua

Caterer: Robbins Wolfe

Invitations & Stationary: Happy Menocal

Tent: NY Tent

Lighting: Matt Murphy Event Lighting

Music: Groove Society

Cake: Mali B Sweets 

Rentals: Party Rentals